Collaborative Dance Co-Op

About Us

3 New Moves is a Montreal-based collaborative dance co-op with a very unique methodology. We are regular people, professional living room dancers, inspired most bass-ically and profoundly by the heavy BOOP-boop of old school Jamaican dancehall music. And it’s global cousins… Like a throb in the deep belly that spreads, our methods answer the call of any bass-driven Afro-inspired rhythm in the 92-98 beats per minute range.

“There is tremendous power in dancehall music and culture. You can’t miss it. But you could misinterpret it… In which case, the shame would only be on you. It’s feminism on its head. Spiralling wildly. Around a very calm center. Going raaaaAAAAAAAAAA!!!”

Racquel Smith, Co-Founder

Our Movement.
Our Beats.

We went to Jamaica to explore the culture and the people behind one of the most misunderstood music scenes of all time, dancehall.

Join Us

Professional dance training/experience not necessary, just an open-minded devotion to the music, open-hearted faith in its effect on body and spirit, a reliable 1-2 hours per week for solo or group practice. Fire in your belly. And some fervour for the sacred feminine.

Join Us!

Want to talk more about joining us? Leave us your contact info and we’ll follow up on with you in less than 3 days

    Hire Us

    We’ll animate your crowds, your street corners, your cause, your party, your church service. We’re family-friendly and experienced at getting both kids and adults at attention and on their feet. Ask about our sliding scale rates, since we so rarely turn down an opportunity to dance.

    Hire Us!

    Want to talk more about hiring us? Leave us your contact info and we’ll follow up on with you in less than 3 days